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Freelance Editor to the Indie Author Masses

What I Can Do For You 

PROOFREADING: I will read through your book, correct typos, spelling, punctuation and word usage errors. I will do it, but I prefer NOT to do straight proofreads, because it's too hard to see a mistake and think "that's not my job, I am proofing - not editing!" and then just leave it there.

COPYEDITING: I will edit for sentence structure, story consistency, grammar/syntax, and basic interior formatting, and also proofread.

EDITING: I will review/edit text for substantive edits, content, continuity, and cohesiveness, polishing your book to as near perfection as we can get it. I will discuss with you storylines that need closing, threads that are left hanging, plot points that need clarification, etc.

Whatever changes I do make, I take pains to keep YOUR voice, and not insert my own. Any changes to a character's dialogue will be made in the character's voice/speaking style. I will not ever make any major changes without discussing with you first, and will never change events or storylines.

I know you're thinking 'yeah, yeah, yeah, but how much does it cost?' That's the good news. Most editors charge a high per word or per page rate, which can run into thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your book. I do not.

I charge a per project rate, that takes into account word count, length of book, amount of work, and level of editing, among other things. This can range from $250 to $1,500, depending on the amount of work needed from me.

This low rate is offered because I believe that many indie authors can be successful, and they just need a little help. I keep my services affordable so that indie authors may make good use of what I can provide.

That said, I DO give discounts not only to repeat clients, but also to referrals from previous clients. Contact me for an estimated price. 

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